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Their comfort. Their health. Their happiness.
Everything for your pet.
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Your trust. And your dog’s.

You’re the center of your dog’s world.
They look to you for guidance and leadership, and when you can’t be there, they need someone who can give them the same reassurance. At Uptown Dawg, that’s who we aim to be.

Our goal is for your dog to trust us the same way they trust you.

A space designed for any dog. An experience personalized for yours.

Just like people, dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. At Uptown Dawg, we’re ready for that.

The Hound Lounge

For quiet time and low-energy dogs.

Lil’ Pup Club

For puppies and smaller dogs.

Adventure Hikes

For working breeds and high-energy dogs.

Building bonds from the first visit.

Unfamiliar situations aren’t always easy for dogs. Just imagine the feeling of joining a new class or visiting a new doctor! But while you can’t force comfort — you can take steps to build it.

That’s what we do right from the start, whether it’s a meet & greet for your dog to get to know their groomer, or a free 2-hour trial so they can get comfy with our pack.

We love pets.

Fearlessly founded 15+ years ago by Shannon O’Reilly, we’re now one of the most experienced pet care providers in the Tri-Cities and Lower Mainland.

We’ve learned, changed, and grown — but our commitment and love towards animals is only getting stronger, and everything we do is in service of better care for your pet.


Ready to try Uptown Dawg?

Get started with a free groomer meet and greet or 2-hour daycare trial.
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