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Your Dawg’s Home Away From Home

Meet Shannon - Uptown’s Founder & all-around animal lover.

“When I started Uptown my vision was to develop a safe, happy, and fun-loving environment for dogs. It’s grown organically into something so much bigger than I could have ever imagined it to be!

My goal has always been to mimic a home environment as much as possible and provide top-of-the-line care for all of your furry pals.

I’ve always been a dog lover, and these furry pals are the reason I get up every day.”

Shannon and Jenn have gone above and beyond
Shannon & Jenn have gone above and beyond to help my small dog and I feel comfortable with daycare again.
— Jenny Warren O’Callaghan

The Uptown Crew

We’re a friendly, loving crew who genuinely cares about every furry pet that walks through our doors.

Our clients tell us that they love the energy, attitude, and unconditional love we have towards their dawg.

Our goal is to take a load off each client so that you can leave knowing your dog is well cared for and having fun with their pals.

The Team Has Been Fantastic
The quality of care and level of responsiveness that the team provides has been fantastic.
— Nicole Chiu

Uptown Space

Our cage free space mimics a home environment as much as possible.

We focus on providing a safe and spacious environment where your pup is encouraged to roam free.

We’ve got cozy places for lounging, and warm places by the fire, and tons of room to run and burn off energy.

Professional, warm, and welcoming
The Uptown team is professional, warm, welcoming and most importantly Dog Lovers
— Jacqueline Harris

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