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2-Hour off leash hikes with up to six pups and one friendly staff for a happier & calmer pup!

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A Cooped Up Pooch is Exhausting

Our hikes are jam packed with action and fun - they're the perfect outlet for your high energy pup! Revel in the calm, happy snuggles of a blissfully exhausted pup who's got the exercise, socialization and stumulation they need.
Call 604-469-3294

The Perfect Outlet For Your High Energy Pup

No Hike Adventure is ever exactly the same
Dog's trained off leash with great recall are welcome to join the crew
Safety is always at the top of our list

Hike Schedule

Monday - Mornings & Afternoons
Tuesday - Mornings & Afternoons
Wednesday - Mornings & Afternoons
Thursday – Mornings
Friday - Mornings & Afternoons
Saturday – No hikes
* No Hikes on Sundays and holidays

Two Ways to Get to a Hike!

Call 604-469-3294


Pick My Dawg Up From Daycare
Break up your dog's day with a hike, and avoid the after work rush of trying to squeeze in an energy burning walk.
Fully equipped Van with A/C and heat to safely transport your dog in any weather.


Pick My Dawg Up From Home
Have us shuttle your dog directly to and from your house to our destination, and benefit from one less car ride in your busy day.
Dog Pick Up and delivery within a 5km radius of our Port Moody location.
The Off Leash Hikes Guarantee One Pooped Pup At Pick up!
The off leash hikes have always been one of Obi's favourites, with an energetic Porti, the off leash hikes guarantee one pooped pooch at pick up!
— Nicole Chui

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